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Herbivores And Carnivores

People vary from the rest of the animal kingdom in many ways. One of them is the food we eat.

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Ah Brian, I LOVED IT! My kind of children's poem. Very well done. Blessings, Gary

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A Thought For Food

© more by Brian A. Bendall

Published: April 2019

Most living things are around
Wherever living things are found.
On land or sea, that swim beneath,
Most of them have got their teeth.

Humans need their teeth for treats,
'Cause, you and I, we love our sweets.
We chew our candy, gum, and chips,
Our chocolate bars and licorice whips.

But other beasts have different treats,
Like veggies or assorted meats.
They eat these foods to stay alive.
They know these help them to survive.

Herbivores and carnivores;
The two main groups this tale explores.
Each group is different, there's no doubt.
Put them together? ... Oops! ... Look out!!

Herbivores all love their greens.
Their teeth are made for just that means.
They chew their grass, their hay and oats;
The horses, cows, and Billy goats.

Hamsters, rabbits, sheep, and moles,
Veggie munchies are their goals.
Giraffes and hippos, llamas, too,
Salads are their favorite chew.

But looking at the other side,
Carnivores want meat supplied.
They like their steak but extra rare.
No spice, no sauce, no savoir faire.

Lions, wolves, and crocodiles,
Hyenas with their laughs and smiles,
Foxes, sharks, tyrannosaurs
All are known as carnivores.

They watch the ones that eat their plants,
Bide their time and wait their chance.
They're not cruel or hunt for fun;
They just pursue ... 'til dinner's done.

All these beasts might be amazed
At what us humans like to graze.
We will eat all kinds of things,
From brussels sprouts to chicken wings.

A juicy steak or salad plate,
Buffets to us are super great!
Pork chops, pears, or carrot sticks
Is how some people get their fix.

Are human beings carnivores
Or misdirected herbivores?
The other beasts don't really care,
As long as they're not in our fare!

Those beasts have menus on their mind
That nature's restaurant has designed.
(And mouse or pig or alligator
Never have to tip the waiter.)

For all the stuff we humans eat,
The vegetables, meats, and sweets,
There's one thing that is clear to me.
We love our food variety.

As time goes by we'll choose the foods
That fit each other's different moods.
For now, at least, you need to grow
With good foods that your mother knows.

So, eat the foods mom makes for you:
The roasts, the fish, the chicken stew.
With all the great meals that you see,
Eat your peas and broccoli!



I was born, raised and have lived in southern Ontario, Canada all my life. In my teens I developed a keen interest in music, art and writing. I went to art school and eventually became a mildly successful graphic artist. But music, at that time, became my only true love. Mom bought me my first guitar with ten books of green stamps when I was fifteen and I never stopped playing it. I went on to buy many other guitars and performed in several bands, the last being Cherry Coke, which included my wife, Marlene. Marlene passed away in 2012 after 29 years of marriage. I lost my ability to play guitar due to arthritis, so I turned back to writing. I had been composing short stories, poems and songs since I was thirteen, but mostly for my own amusement and that of friends. My wife’s death, however, made writing a necessity to help fill the void that was left me. When I write, I try to use humor as a basis for most of my poems and songs. It is my feeling, you don’t have to look very far to find sadness in this world, so I would rather try to make people smile or even laugh with what I have to say. I do not consider myself a poet by any means, but I try to put some aspects of life into funny stories that rhyme. Some pieces are based on reality, and some are fantasy, just plain silly or, in some cases, risqué. If they make you smile or brighten your day, it’s all been worth it.

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  • Gary W. Searles by Gary W. Searles
  • 3 years ago

Ah Brian, I LOVED IT! My kind of children's poem. Very well done. Blessings, Gary

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