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The Love Of A Cowboy

I have lived your average life being married, having two children, being divorced, and giving up on love. Then one day, I met an ol' cowboy, and my life will never be the same. I always heard people say, "Being a cowboy is a way of life!" However, it wasn't until meeting a real cowboy, listening to his stories, watching him live his life by a different set of morals than the rest of the world and falling in love, that I understood. One month from today I will become his wife. He is my inspiration.

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An Ol' Cowboy


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2018 with permission of the Author.

His boots may be dusty
From sitting by the door,
And his saddle a little weathered;
It doesn't get oiled anymore.

His hat has become misshapen
From hanging on the wall,
And his lariat is a little stiff;
It isn't used much at all.

His hair has started graying
From "experience" he has said,
And his body a little sorer;
It's the COWBOY life he's led.

His words may seem harsh
From the truth that he speaks,
And his morals a little different;
It's a promise to himself that he keeps.

His heart a bit more cautious
From the hurt its felt and more.
And his love, if you should earn it. . .
It's a little better than any love
You have known before.


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