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Things Women Would Like To Be For Their Husbands

This poem was written when my husband and I had a lot of stress in our marriage between kids and everyday life. I wanted to express to him how much I needed and wanted him. This poem was written to give him an idea of how much he inspires me every day and how important our life together is to me.

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Thanks for this poem, very beautiful and sweet. I love my husband very much.

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A Wife's Desire


Published: April 2015

I want to be your motivation, inspiration and everything in between.
I want to be the reason for your smile, the one who turns your frown upside down.
I want to be the one you look up to and admire and the one you desire.
The voice in your heart, not your ear, telling you everything that you need, not want to hear.
I want to mean enough to you to be your solution to all life's ups and downs.
I want you to need me every morning when you wake up, during the day when you have had enough.
I want to feel your excitement to kiss me good night after your day has been so rough.
I need and want all these things from you because you're the only one who gets me through.
I love you more and more each day, it's true.
You have blessed me with a beautiful life made together by both of us.
I need all these things from you because my most treasured title is your wife.



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  • by SANDRA, MO.
  • 1 year ago

Thanks for this poem, very beautiful and sweet. I love my husband very much.

  • by Kat, Chicago
  • 2 years ago

This poem is so sweet! I love this! This is how I feel about my marriage and my hubby.

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