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A whimsical holiday tale, I wonder if it's true.

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My husband was a foster child and this poem touched my heart.

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Angel With A Gold Bow


Published: February 2006

The boys sit down in the park beneath the tree,
Praying that their parents could look down and see.
The beautiful angel on top with the pretty gold bow,
And all of the presents that lay wrapped below.
Christmas at their house had been full of smiles,
Now a smile can't be seen for miles.
When their dad went away everything went wrong,
It's been a few months but it has seemed so long.
A woman walked by and saw the boys,
And handed them two carefully wrapped toys.
She found the local orphanage from which they ran,
And nearly cried when she spoke to the man.
On Christmas Eve she adopted the boys,
And took them home to see all the toys.
They had bought an angel for the top of the tree,
It was tall enough for heaven to see.
Soon their parents would surely see
The angel with the gold bow on top of their tree.


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  • Regina M. Elliott by Regina M. Elliott
  • 6 years ago

My husband was a foster child and this poem touched my heart.

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