Hurting Poem

Letting Go Of A Love That Was Never Real

I'm confident and strong, but insecurities and doubt fill my mind. The one person who I thought wouldn't ever notice me did. In my eyes he was perfect. We became a side thing, but my heart wanted more. I let my guard down too quickly. I was willing to commit, but he wasn't. I decided to let go before he would break me even more. It was painful and sad, but I had to remind myself that I deserve better than just a side thing.

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As If We Never Were


Published: September 2017

Sadness reaps in my shadows.
Its presence is in every corner.
I close my eyes to try to escape,
But all I see is you.
It hurts.
I hurt.
When I hold you, my heart is full.
Your lips against mine is a fairy tale.
Looking into your eyes loses me every time.
Those are the moments I wish could last forever.
Is there such a thing?
When we let go, I remain empty.
A kiss goodbye is me searching for hope.
After you I'm still alone.
Our only connection is what I hold on too.
I fall asleep waiting, and I wake up heartbroken.
I break a little more every time.
I've become blind to what is around me.
My doors have closed to those that matter.
I'm standing in the palm of your hand.
I need to let go.
I can't.
I don't want to.


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