Falling in Love Poem

When You Fall In Love With Your Friend

This poem is about that moment when you start to realise that that person you thought was a friend has become so much more. It's that in-between time when you don't know whether to risk it all or play it safe. Either way, it's exciting and terrifying because nothing will ever be the same again.
I used the free verse form as the poem is more conversational in tone, and the imagery of spring symbolises hope.
Is it autobiographical? Was there a happy ending? I'll leave it to you to decide!

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© more by Mary Denise Lyons

Published by Family Friend Poems February 24, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Sun sparkles on lake waters.
Sun shines, swallows swoop, chattering wildly.
We escape from work, a weekly fleeing.
Growing again in Nature.
Picture postcard perfect.

I'm frightened. Like a deer in the forest.

It was different before.
Your laugh was just a laugh.
Your smile was just a smile.
It's not anymore.

How did this happen?
You were never really my type.
Or so I thought.
I know better now.
It's a hard knowing.

We struggle up the hill
and I can't keep up
but you wait for me at the top
and lay the mat on the stone
for me to sit on.

Little acts of kindness.

The warmth of your nearness seeps through my skin.
Electricity sparkles in the space between.

I don't like heights but I do like you.

Dandelions float in the sunbeams.
A robin picks and preens.
Why do I sit here, silent?
Why am I afraid to speak?

Don't birds have it easy?
They swoop and sing
and build their nests 
and think no more of anything than would the Man on the Moon.

Wild strawberries blossom and bloom.
Delicate little snowflakes,
From cracks in crags they peek.
Not yet ready, not yet ripe.
They look at me.
'I will be sweet,' they wink.

Delicate little snowflakes peek:

Secrets In the deep.


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