True Love Poem

Being In Love Poem

This poem is about how I felt when I was with my love.

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I really love my guy, but I don't know what to do. If only he loved me. I still love my ex, but I also have a crush on someone else.

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When I'm With You


Published: January 2008

In your arms,
I'm in my safe haven.
With you holding me tight,
I have no other craving.

All I need,
is that one look,
that says you're always there,
just like in a fairy-tale book.

Your eyes talk to me,
as the world stands still.
My once empty heart,
now with love does fill.

Your eyes tell me,
that you'll love me everyday.
No matter what may come,
you'll be there to stay.

I tell you everything
and never with a lie.
All my worldly secrets,
and everything that once made me cry.

Everything in my past,
with you I can forget it all.
I know I can trust you,
to catch me if I fall.

If only I could explain,
how much love I have for you.
Then maybe, just maybe
you'd feel it too.



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  • by Chris Diction
  • 3 weeks ago

I really love my guy, but I don't know what to do. If only he loved me. I still love my ex, but I also have a crush on someone else.

  • by Eddie Madee
  • 1 month ago

I love my Sugar Plum so much. She's the best thing that has ever happened to my life. Honey Bunch, you're the first person I think of in the morning and the last person I think of before I go to sleep. I'll always be faithful to, my boo.

  • by Khonelihle
  • 4 months ago

I love my boyfriend and I wish I could show him how much I love him. He is so amazing, and he supports me and cares for me.

  • by Asan Neemai
  • 4 months ago

The poem is very beautiful. It give me a wonderful feeling of true love. Trust and faithfulness with one another is the only way to keep our love growing every day. I trust my love, and I'll be faithful to her. I love you so much, my dear.

  • by Derrick Jordan, Illinois
  • 1 year ago

I'm feeling true love for the first time and I must admit that it feels wonderful. Now I know what they mean when they say it's better to have it and lose it than to never have it at all.

  • by Glenda, Jamestown NY
  • 1 year ago

This poem is beautiful! Is describes just how you feel when you find the right person. Love should always be happiness.

  • by Zanele Cebisa
  • 2 years ago

My boyfriend is the best I ever had. He makes me feel complete and I enjoy being with him. He means everything to me and understands me more than anyone does. He cares for me. I love him.

  • by Cheyanne, Kentucky
  • 5 years ago

This is so true. I feel this with my Boyfriend. I have no clue what I would do without him.

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