Funny Friendship Poem

Best Friends Are Angels

For Holly Buxton, my best friend

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Best Friends

© Ailsa

Published on October 2008

if someone said what's a best friend
I'd have to say someone who's there, till the bitter end
someone who listens when times get shit
someone who'll tell you your fella's a git
they'll always arrive in the nick of time
with chocolate and vodka
and a feel better line like "you're too good for him anyway"
or "well you said he was crap in bed"
or even "I know babe get with my cousin instead"
coz best friends are angels, that god sent along,
to get bladdered beside you and dance like a mong.
she'll tell you your stunning when your looking fab
but will call you a hippo when your flashing your flab
she'll stand by your side and love all your kids
she'll be your chief bridesmaid when you marry your git
when you make the wrong choice
and she knew how it'd go
she'll give you a cuddle and never say "told you so"
so this is for you my best friend in the world
you're my rock
you're my sanity
couldn't have wished for a better girl.



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