Spiritual Poem about Death

First Birthday For Deceased Adult Child

My nephew and his wife lost their adult daughter to mesothelioma two years ago. She left behind a husband and two small children. She had been ill for a few years. Her mother was having a hard time on her daughter's birthday, so I wrote this poem for her. I never thought to submit it till now, but I thought others might be able to use it. Having lost a child myself many years ago, I know the heartbreak and the sense of loss that never goes away.

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Birthdays In Heaven

© more by Elaine P. Keefe

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2018 with permission of the Author.

There are no birthdays in heaven,
For time has no meaning there.
Today is the future as well as the past.
A day is the same as a year.

There is no age in heaven,
For souls are not physical things.
A babe shares the wisdom of the old;
The old the fresh outlook youth brings.

There is no heartbreak in heaven,
For the heart is meant to be shared.
A golden thread joins to the soul
The hearts of all who have cared.

There is no sadness in heaven,
For love and peace abound.
We here on earth cannot understand
The joy we have not yet found.

There are no farewells in heaven,
Or mountains of grief to climb;
For those who reside there know the truth.
Life is but a moment in time.


more by Elaine P. Keefe

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