Spiritual Poem about Death

Poem On Love And Death: Saying Goodbye With Care

When someone is there holding a hand, tears fall and there's no one to blame. Goodbye dear, He's calling your name. He'll take you to the promised land.

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Kind Hearts

Raelene J. Elliss © more by Raelene J. Elliss

Published by Family Friend Poems May 1, 2023 with permission of the Author.

Take a hand
Hold it near
Wipe away
The things we fear

Gently say
The whispered prayer
Caress the tear-streaked face
And gently care

A gentle touch
A promise to keep
Lay your head
Your soul to keep

Close your eyes
Seek his face
Waiting in heaven
For his embrace

The kindness
In a hand to touch
A moment in time
That means so much

Be the one
To say goodbye
Safe journey dear
In the heavenly sky



Many years ago, Raelene J. Elliss’ brother passed away in a drowning accident at a popular surf beach in South Australia. Her heart was broken, and the strain of the grief was unbearable. She had no idea how to express her feelings about that tragic loss.
One very warm evening, as she lay awake, unable to sleep due to the worry in her life,...

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