Depression Poem

I wrote this poem, because my best friend, she was in foster care. She didn't want to leave her home she had before. The house she lives at now, is a guess horrible, if that's what you would want to call it. The foster parents are rude, they spoil there own kid rotten. My friend does not deserve that kind of life after all she went through in her past life. She needs a home where she can feel wanted, not feel like a piece of trash. I'm not going to name her name for her sake.
But I love her, and I want the best for her!

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Broken Home


Published: March 2009

Looking at the night sky,
She wonders why,
Why'd they take her away,
She wanted to stay.

Leaving everything she has ever known,
everything she has ever been shown.
Lets sit here and try, try not to cry,
maybe time will pass by.

Then she can go home,
she then won't have to roam.
Looking for a place,
that she won't have to chase.

All the broken dreams lay shattered,
tired of hearing she doesn't matter.
There's a place in this world,
where she can twist and twirl.

She will belong some day,
everyone who id her wrong, they will pay.
They shouldn't have taken her,
she know this for sure.

Lets set this trap,
get rid of this crap.
She will get revenge,
when they see me they will all cringe.

Everything has to do with being adopted,
her house is filled with lies.

As the days go by,
she's always getting high
Hoping it will get rid of the pain,
so she can dance in the rain.

She doesn't know what to do,
always lost and so confused.
She feels so used and abused,
wants to get lost in this world.

One, she is just one girl,
sick of all the stuff,
she's had enough!

Going to run away,
not going to stay!

After everything she's been through,
she still doesn't know who?
Who she is inside.

Sick of running to hide,
when she dies,
there will be no more lies.

Dying a happy girl,
her life going to unfurl.

All the shatter times,
all the hating rhymes.
They will not be gone,
so lets wait tell dawn.



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