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My story...I am a girl seeking love since my parents left me when I was young. I had no support or love. My dad was always with his second family and my mother abuses drugs and alcohol. With no support and love, I went on drugs, was highly addicted, used R6000 a day 7 days a week. I had to realize my mistake, with my mom still on drugs and my dad never here. I am in darkness, I am in pain, I am off the drugs with effort, but my life is still upside down...

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I was abused even before birth by my dad's sisters and mom. When I turned 1, dad left this world. Me and mama were thrown out of home by my grandparents. We came to the home of mom's...

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The Feeling Of Emptiness


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2013 with permission of the Author.

I look into a broken mirror,
I seek to see why I am still living.
when I look around all I can see
is darkness and pain...

My chest is tight, I can hardly breath.
I feel empty and broken,
I feel like a monster is trying to escape.
I don't know which way to go...

I am crying but only dry tears,
dust on my face and sores on my mind,
I do not speak nor do I try,
I have a million times.

When I speak, silence over takes.
I can scream, and still no one will hear.
I am invisible, no one can see,
I have pain inside, please let me free.

Before I save myself,
and death is my way,
not long from today,
I am seeking my way...


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  • Aisha Anjum by Aisha Anjum
  • 2 years ago

I was abused even before birth by my dad's sisters and mom. When I turned 1, dad left this world. Me and mama were thrown out of home by my grandparents. We came to the home of mom's brother. My mom was accepted happily. But I was again abused there. They wanted to remarry mom. But mom didn't agree because she was not mentally prepared. Mama used to say I'm her bad luck. I was mentally and physically tortured. When I turned 16, I came to know about mama's affair. But she couldn't marry because she was cheated by her boyfriend. All these circumstances make me a patient of depression and borderline personality disorder. These days I'm studying in college, but still when I go to my bed every night, my life story scared me like a nightmare. I used to have a lot of sleepless nights. Now, 4 years, have passed since depression overwhelmed me. And it's getting worse as time ispassing. I have no more stamina to deal with these toxic people.

  • Arthur Francis Nelms Sr.i by Arthur Francis Nelms Sr.i
  • 2 years ago

I am 67. I tried taking my life the first time at 11. I wanted to die, to stop the pain. My father was a very large German, 6.3, 325 lbs. Men were terrified of him. My Mother was a 5ft Jewish lady. My dad was an ardent student of Hitler. He idolized the man. He needed a subject to experiment with, that was me, at 6 yearsold. I would wake up 6 days a week with my dad turning my bed upside down on me. I was tied first thing in the am to half wagon wheel bed and beaten until l was unconscious. I would wake up in an alcohol bath. I was hung from a beam from sundown to sunup. I can't even begin to list the torture technics he would conduct on me. I learned a lot about myself, and somehow by God's grace, He saw fit to let me laugh, love, live. I have failed at everything I've ever tried, but I still keep living life, one day at a time. I have to accept my past, own today, and try to make today better than yesterday! Make today COUNT, for tomorrow you will have traded a day of your life for it.

  • Roshen by Roshen
  • 6 years ago

It's beautiful. I hope things have gotten better for you. I know what feeling empty is like...

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