Sickness Poem

Cancer War

Sickness ravages the body and challenges a person too fight back with all their heart and soul.

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Fallen Soldier


Published: February 2006

There are just a few things that can hit you so hard
That even years later you are left emotionally scarred.
It is the word that makes me freeze,
When all I really want to do, I scream.
This thing that scares me so much is cancer.
But she is too tough, I was sure it couldn't get her.
This awful word has taken my family and friends
And leaves deep cuts I am afraid will never fully mend
But it doesn't make sense, she is such a strong woman
I looked up to her for standing by through thick and thin.
I tell my mother she can't be right
It couldn't get her, she would put up too big a fight.
They say there are fights you just can't win
But I know this woman, she will never give in.
This is the woman who wouldn't lay to rest
Until she felt her daughters did their best.
All I know is that she will win this fight
And until that day I will pray
for her heart every night.


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