Relationship Poem

Regretting Cheating

This is a poem about a girl who wasn't committed at the start and cheated, after she realized she was actually in love, she realized the lie she has to carry.

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Published: June 2008

do your secrets rip and roar?
do they tear at you with open claws?
do your secrets dig down deep?
do the make you want to speak?
and also sometimes make you weep?
why'd I do it in the first place when I knew it was along?
I wonder how secrets can be kept for so long?
I wish I could just turn back time,
so that everything will all be fine.
I have never felt this love I feel,
I know that this time it's finally real.
I have been the lucky one,
he'll never know the rotten things I've done,
but what will happen if my secrets finally escape?
will I break down, or die in a lake?
even though now there in the past,
I wonder how long my secrets will last?



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