Christmas Poem

Christmas Traditions

There are many Christmas traditions like putting up trees and handing stockings. These traditions have developed from generation to generation.

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Christmas Is Here

Abundance Nwosu © more by Abundance Nwosu

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2018 with permission of the Author.

Cold days and hard long nights.
Trees shimmed with tiny lights,
Their branches pointing ever high,
Reaching for the midnight sky.
Christmas is here!

Delicate snowflake dancing down,
Piling high across the town.
Children running 'round and 'round
While parents watch in the background.
Christmas is here!

Warming cold hands by the fire,
Listening to singing by the choir.
Stockings hanging in a row,
Wishing not to go so low.
Christmas is here!

As children climb into bed,
Santa arrives with his sled.
Mince pies stuffed in his mouth,
As he shouts:
"HO, HO, HO, Christmas is here!"


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