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The Deadly Virus Of 2020

This modern-day deadly virus has invaded our modern world and has caused havoc amongst the populations in many countries. This poem is about what happened when it first broke out.

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Laura J Sanders © more by Laura J Sanders

Published: July 15, 2020

Coughs, colds, viruses and flu,
Bugs everywhere for me and you.
To catch us out in wind and rain,
Illness is here once again.

Sniffin' and sneezin', hankies at hand,
But then Coronavirus came to our land.
It infected the old, young, woman and man.
Its centre was a place called Wuhan.

It came from animals it was said.
By early February 2020, 700 were dead.
"Try not to panic, it's not a pandemic,"
But other countries got it,
Whilst others were quarantined on a cruise ship.

Brits left China in great haste
And were tested for the virus before making their way,
To the ends of the earth, mankind has been won,
Still we don't know how far it has gone...?

We've conquered space travel, built vast cities,
Internet and missiles, yet it's a pity
That we cannot cure the common cold
And the Coronavirus that's invaded our world.

We cannot cure the dying and sick
With pills or a needle's sharp prick.
We can only isolate victims and hope it will go.
Just another problem, another cruel blow.


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