Relationship Poem

An Older Couple Reflecting On Their Relationship

This poem is about an old couple who, despite all their bickering and arguing, still love one another. They sit together and are comfortable being grumpy and are still being carried along by whatever life has to throw at them. This is a poem written for my mum and dad.

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Never Look Back

Laura J Sanders © more by Laura J Sanders

Published by Family Friend Poems July 2020 with permission of the Author.

My darling, remember those days long ago,
When we both held hands through rain and snow?
We cheerfully chatted and were full of fresh life.
How positive we were in our strife.

We never looked back; we kept going on.
Even when it poured, the sun still shone,
Because we both had a precious thing, 
Love for one another; it made our hearts sing!

Young lovers, we rode each new wave,
Faced up to our challenges, both tireless and brave.
But alas, the years have caught up on us.
Weak and old, we no longer make a fuss.

We sit by the fire and grumpily stare,
No longer hold hands, too tired to care.
Mumbling and grumbling at things on the Box,
Old and withered, battered by life's knocks.

Yet I stare at you sitting nearby.
Yes, we still have it, a twinkling in the eye!



I like to write poetry in my spare time when I receive the inspiration. I receive this from walking in both the town and country and generally observing from a distance.My topics can be about animals, nature, still life , real life situations and can have an added pinch of humour to the proceedings.
The rest of the time I enjoy playing and...

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