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Cravings For Cocaine

The cravings for cocaine

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Cocaine Lady

© more by Raymond Martineau

Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008 with permission of the Author.

You bring me up when I'm feeling down,
I can never seem to get enough of you.
You make it fun to go out on the town,
It's crazy the things you can do.

Every time we get together you make my heart race,
you kiss me and my mouth goes numb.
When you're not near how I crave your taste,
I want you... every last crumb.

When you leave me I feel worse then before,
It's almost sad to see you go.
All these feelings come back and I just want you more,
Oh how I crave your blow.

What has happened to you? It's not quite the same,
The rush you gave me before.
I know it's not you who I have to blame,
maybe if I just do some more.

What's happened to me, I depend on you now,
Oh I just hate you so much.
I want you to go even though
I know I will strongly crave your touch.

Leave me be...please go away,
I don't want you no have no need to stay,
Then again... you are on my mind each and everyday...
Maybe one more line...

The cocaine lady led me astray...
And I pay for it still even today.


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