Drug Abuse Poems

Drug Abuse Poems

Poems by Teens about Drug Abuse

Of all age categories that abuse drugs, the teen population is definitely the highest. Older people may use drugs on a recreational basis, but teens approach drugs with the same intensity and desperation with which they approach everything else. Many teens have a sense that they are immortal and that nothing that they do will have a lasting effect. Unfortunately, much to their chagrin, many find themselves struggling with addiction their whole lives.

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  1. Meth

    • By Brandon Levangie
    • Published: January 2016
    Poem About Drug Withdrawal

    Time is consuming.
    I struggle removing
    temptation and sorrow
    for a better tomorrow.

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    You're like a bad friend who is never there for me, but yet I trust you more than I trust myself. I don't trust anyone, but oddly I trust the one thing that's bad for me. Yes, you were there...

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  3. Crystal

    • By Amy Brunson
    • Published: February 2009
    Poem By A Recovering Addict

    Crystal was once my friend.
    She was always there for me
    Whenever I was in need.
    She helped me through my ups and downs,

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    I relate - of course I do. I relate to the addiction though. Not to being an "ex" addict. Because after all these years, I'm still struggling. The drug has changed - more than twice. I'm...

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  4. I Did It Too

    • By Cammy
    • Published: December 2007
    Regretting A Past With Drugs

    You only know what you learn.
    I was so young and had nowhere to turn.
    Growing up, I said I wouldn't do that to my kid.
    I repeated the cycle, and I did.

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    I was 13 when I first turned to illegal drugs.
    I watched my dad spill his marijuana crumbs over my favorite rugs
    "Stop!! Mommy stop!!" I begged and I pleaded
    Mommy followed daddy as he...

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  6. All We Can Do Is Wait

    Mom Chose Drugs

    You were never really there,
    And when you came around, all people did was stare,
    You chose drugs over us,
    At least you loved yourself, that's a plus....

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    I get what you mean when you say you blame her. Personally, I'm turning 14 in 3 days, and I just found out my mother is back in jail for meth, but she is still finding out ways to have kids....

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  7. 30 Inch Gauge

    • By Emma
    • Published: September 2011
    Heroin Poem

    How were the shrooms? The Beer? The LSD?
    I'll show you something more worthwhile than weed.
    I can show you how to steal and lie.
    Trust me, it's all you need to get by....

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    I love your poem. It touched my heart. I am soooo sorry for what you have been through. I am happy that you are ok and that hearing your poem I help stop my teenage friends. Thanks so much...

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  8. Escape

    • By Emily F
    • Published: February 2014
    Poem About Smoking Pot

    The lighter's a trigger
    I load my gun
    And swallow the bullets
    Straight to my lungs...

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    I can relate to every word written. Drug misuse/addiction is very complex and to anyone outside of it will never truly understand how people think, feel, behave when they are gripped by the...

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  10. Addiction

    • By Holly
    • Published: June 2012
    Step Dad Is An Addict

    Hiding under the covers.
    Pretending I don't see,
    Acting like I'm strong,
    Won't let you influence me....

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    This is amazing and I know the pain. I'm almost 16, got out of that house and moved in with my real dad. The only reason I stayed at mom's was for my little sister I didn't want her to see...

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  11. My Parents

    • By Shayne Smith
    • Published: June 2009

    I'm lucky that I have the parents that I do,
    you would be lucky if you had them too.
    They don't have a lot of money because they spend too much on me,
    they can now barely afford the Toronto parking fee. ...

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    My name is Fiona. I'm a mother of two. You didn't care what you were about to do...

    You took away loads a memories of times in my life. You took away the way I viewed myself. You put me...

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  12. Pills And Violence

    Popping pills in the morning,
    Popping pills at night.
    Cutting deep into my skin,
    holding my blade tight....

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    I enjoyed reading this poem. I can totally relate to it because of personal issues of my own. I'm glad you were able to break the chains that bound you to the lifestyle. I'll be reading more...

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  13. My Escape

    • By Kayla Saunders
    • Published: August 2008

    I take my second big hit
    The dark room becomes lit
    It's starting to make me feel good
    Just like it should...

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    I'm starting to become a piece of my pipe, when I light the tip and I start to hit, I become the brownness and the white, the fire hits the smoke comes out how did I get here and how do I get...

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