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Poems by Teens about Drug Abuse

Of all age categories that abuse drugs, the teen population is definitely the highest. Older people may use drugs on a recreational basis, but teens approach drugs with the same intensity and desperation with which they approach everything else. Many teens have a sense that they are immortal and that nothing that they do will have a lasting effect. Unfortunately, much to their chagrin, many find themselves struggling with addiction their whole lives.

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Poem About Drug Withdrawal

Time is consuming.
I struggle removing
temptation and sorrow
for a better tomorrow.
Life is confusing.
I'm tired of losing
in hopes that I'll find
some peace in my mind.
Distorted perception,
thoughts of deception,
memories that are haunting
of the drug I'm still wanting.
Complex situations,
illogical insinuations.
Consumed by fear
from the voices I hear,
telling me to quit fighting.
I get tired of re-lighting
the flame of my soul,
relocating a goal,
for the strength to carry out,
and remove my self-doubt,
to beat my addiction,
and inner confliction.
Let go of my shame,
break free from this pain.
Chainless and free,
for the chance to see
life without depression,
feelings without suppression,
If it's over too easily,
that'll just tease me.
Plotting an attack
on getting you back
for all of this time
you controlled my mind.
Following through,
I'll say then I'll do,
to leave you behind
and never rewind
to suicidal denial,
'cause now I can smile
in knowing I'm free,
'cause I've finally found me.



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