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Poem About Good And Evil

This poem is about spiritual warfare that I feel is alive and well in our world today. Not all people will believe this is possible, but many will totally understand this poem. Although it has a dark side, it also gives hope to so many that in the end, love and goodness will reign. It might help many to rethink their spiritual journey in this world of material worth and vices that so many turn to in order to fill a void or yearning.

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Demon's Quest

© more by Patricia L. Cisco

Published: October 2017

So deceitful and full of desire,
Stealing souls, he's a wonderful liar.

He'll befriend and seduce you
With his powerful will.

Your weakness is his greatest thrill.
Control is the weapon he uses to kill.

He comes in disguises of all that you dream,
Fulfilling his quest and completing his scheme.

There are legions of those that seek to destroy
At every level of life they employ.

They come in all forms; their burdens are great,
For their master created them unto his hate.

He's lingered on earth for many ages,
Trapping souls in dark, fiery cages.

Soon his reign will come to an end
When the Alpha and Omega shall descend!

Many will say he doesn't exist.
He's alive and well and will persist.

His demons are here to help and assist,
But prayer is the weapon to help us resist!

Put on your armor from the Lord above:
Humility, faith, mercy, and love!

A final war shall soon begin.
This is when God's son steps in.

Many battles he's won in the past.
God will triumph in the last!

All the world will kneel and bend.
Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End!


more by Patricia L. Cisco

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