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Living In The World Of Severe Anxiety

I have severe anxiety in which I struggle with on a daily basis. Many people don't know I have it, but if you look closely you can see my physical irritability. Mental health needs more awareness. I wrote this poem when I was at a very low point of my mental illness. I felt like it was taking over me. I would love for it to be published so people can enjoy my poem and know they aren't alone.

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Hi! My name is Jun. I've also been struggling with anxiety since I was 10. Sometimes I find it hard to express how I felt back them. Reading this poem of yours has made me feel more grateful...

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Every Day Is A Fight With Anxiety


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2018

Anxiety grabs me by the throat,
Almost like grabbing a man's balls.
It hurts deep into your stomach,
Churning your belly down.
It locks you in a suitcase like a prison cell,
Not being able to move from the four walls,
not getting out.
Same situation over and over again.
You're useless, nobody likes you,
Says the little devil on my shoulder
Is someone building a house on my shoulders?
Ooooo no, it's just me overthinking.
You see me sitting there,
Bouncing my leg or twiddling my fingers.
Yes, that's my anxiety.
Sweaty palms.
Yes, that's my anxiety too.
Putting my head down,
Avoiding eye contact.
Yessss, that's anxiety too.
I want to be normal,
But I guess
My anxiety makes me me
A nervous and awkward mess.
I think until 2 am,
Imaging scenarios and scenes,
Which will never happen.
I prepare myself.
Thing is, with me,
I have built my wall too high,
And not many people
Try to climb it,
But I just wish
One or two people would
And help me.
It's controlling my thoughts
And the person I dream of being.


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  • Jun Lyng by Jun Lyng
  • 1 year ago

Hi! My name is Jun. I've also been struggling with anxiety since I was 10. Sometimes I find it hard to express how I felt back them. Reading this poem of yours has made me feel more grateful for everything I've achieved and yet need to achieve. I started my mental health recovery in 2018, but I still feel I'm not free. I know there's still a long way to go, so I won't give up. I've also been writing poems about my anxiety, but I only show them to my therapist. Sending all my love and support to all of you who are struggling too.

  • Pina Cirillo by Pina Cirillo
  • 4 years ago

Hello Alisha,
So concerned about you! I, too, have experienced life in the same way, years ago. I have made it through. Help is always available, but you must first acknowledge that you do need help. Talk to a doctor or go to an alternative health shop and ask them for some flower essence drops, even Rescue Remedy drops, and above all else, talk to your true self that is in your heart and not your broken mind thoughts. I know now that I was/am my own worst enemy. The sword of my own mind was killing me. Just still your mind and go to your heart center that loves you. I now have learned that I am loving and lovable. Keep your heart beating so that your light can shine, and in so doing, others around you will change too. May peace and blessings come your way.

  • Alisha M. Davies by Alisha M. Davies Poet
  • 4 years ago

Thank you so much. Yes, anxiety is a struggle on a daily basis, but your inspiring message has showed me that I can get through this! Also, thank you for taking time to read my poem and commenting! I do use a herbal essence rescue remedy spray, and it does seem to soothe me when I use it at the height of my panic/anxiety attack. I do need to consult a doctor about my mental health, but it's just about working up the courage to do so. Thanks again for the inspiring words!

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