Hurting Poem

Lies And Broken Promises

This poem is about promises that someone you truly love made to you, and within a second, they had thrown it all away, including you. You feel hurt, as though no one had really cared, and slowly you lose hope in the meaning of the words "I love you" and "forever." It's about heartbreak and knowing that it will never be true.

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© more by Wesley

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2017 with permission of the Author.

Forever means nothing in my eyes.
It's just a word you use to cover up lies,
To hide your tracks each night you leave
So I don't worry and start to believe.
The words I love you are just a joke.
Each time you say them I try not to choke
On the tears that threaten to stain the ground,
And I just nod, don't make a sound.
Each night you tell me you truly care,
But when I need you, you're never there.
You think what you want about how I feel
And claim these tears are never real.
You say you know everything about me,
But you only know what I let you see.
You bring me down when you think I can't hear,
Just anything I put up with every year.
You make me feel worthless in front of you,
Like you hate me and everything I do.
You never notice the tears that spill down
Or the fake smile and permanent frown.
You're too caught up in believing a lie
That you never see how hard I try.
I wanted perfection and failed you all.
I let myself down and started to fall.
Forever, to me, is an empty promise you made,
And still I wait as the memories fade.
To me, forever is a waste of time
That makes you feel lucky as you climb
To the extent of your happiness, but it won't be true,
Because to me, forever is something you can't do.


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