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This is the first and only poem I have ever written or attempted to write and it came so naturally because of whom it was written for. This is for my first true love. We met in kindergarten and were high school sweet hearts. We went our separate ways after school, both marrying and having a children, and both miserable and divorced. 15 years spent dreaming of one day seeing each other behold Facebook to reunite us. A true love story and everyday is a blessing to each of us.

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Glory In The Highest


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2012

To My Beautiful baby girl: I LOVE YOU

Glory in the highest for he sent an angel to me,
with one look and one kiss my life changed instantly.

Years spent dreaming of my first true love,
suddenly was reality- a gift from above.

You walked through the door and time stood still,
our lips they touched and down my spine went chills.

Wonderful feelings that I struggled to embrace ,
for I have never felt this at any time nor any place.

My heart leaped from my chest into yours,
mesmerized by your beauty and your glistening eyes I so adore.

Kristy, forever I will honor and cherish you and never leave your side,
I'll be your wonderful man as you'll be my bride.

Glory in the Highest for you are the angel he sent to me,
so let's follow his plan and raise a beautiful baby :)

Forever my love will stand faithful and true,
and tears of joy will flow when I say "I Do".


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