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Poem About God Giving Us What We Need

God asked what I wanted most in life, and he gave it to me.

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Very clever. I like it. The result could not be seen. Well done!

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God's Gift


Published: February 2016

God asked me what I wanted in life.

I said to him,

I want someone bold and brave and handsome,
Someone big and strong,
Someone who will protect me no matter what,
Love me no matter what.

Someone who I can tell my secrets,
Someone who will keep my promises,
Someone who will stay with me always.

I want someone who gives warm hugs,
Someone who makes me laugh,
Someone I trust with my life.

Someone who is always happy to see me,
Someone eager to please me,
Someone who is easily pleased.

I want someone to take me to the ends of the earth and back,
Someone who will conquer any obstacle for me,
Someone whom I can grow old with.

I want someone, a best friend of such,
Someone to lean on,
A shoulder to cry on.

Someone who will misbehave,
Someone with a wild heart,
But someone who will always come back to me.

And so God gave me a horse.


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  • Zoe Backhouse by Zoe Backhouse
  • 1 year ago

Very clever. I like it. The result could not be seen. Well done!

  • Delia Marheineke by Delia Marheineke, London, England
  • 4 years ago

I like the punch line at the end of this poem; it made me smile!

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