Goodbye Friend Poem

Saying Goodbye To An Ex And Best Friend

I met Courtney twelve years ago, and we were friends for the first six years of it before trying a relationship. She was the love of my life, and we were together for three years before splitting up, but we were still the best of friends for the last three years, despite the feelings I still had for her. I even grew close to her son, Sky, and her family. But she began to talk with an old flame and flew out to see him and came back saying she was moving away to marry him! I can't stop her, so I have to say goodbye.

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Goodbye, And I'll Miss You


Published: April 2018

I know with you leaving,
This friendship I'll never top,
And loving you is like breathing.
There's no way I can stop.

Please take with you our memories
So you don't forget this guy.
What's hard is I loved more than just you,
Like your son, Sky.

I became close with your family.
Some great times we had,
Like watching Twilight with your mom
And then explaining it to your dad.

Your walking out of my life
Gives me a very sad emotion,
But I will continue loving you
Until they find my tear that I dropped in the ocean.

It's hard for me when I think
That our chapter is now done,
So I say goodbye, and I'll miss you
Like a flower would the sun.



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