Depression Poem by Teens

The Harsh Truth Of Life With Depression

This is my poem about what it is like to live in a world as a depressed teenager where everyone is trying to instruct you on how to feel and behave.

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I love this poem, truly touching. It's painfully frustrating how many poems of depression ends up suddenly hopeful or slightly better, always out on a 'good' note where they end up feeling...

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Who They Wanted Her To Be


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2014 with permission of the Author.

She took a deep breath.
She counted to three,
A picture in her head
Of who they wanted me to be.

They wanted her to be normal,
Happy and kind.
They never thought
That this girl would be blind.

Not blind by the meaning
But blind in the heart.
Blinded by darkness,
Blinded by dark.

She walks around lifeless,
Her heart beating but dead.
A walking corpse,
She is lost inside her head.

Things have no meaning,
At least not anymore.
She was not how she was,
How she was once before.

She is one of the living
But one of the dead.
A part of her is missing;
She hangs on by a thread.

She hung her head low,
Took one final bow.
She stepped off the edge
Saying one final vow.

"I will not change who I am.
As hard as any of you try,
This is me giving up;
This is one last goodbye."


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  • Leilani Avia by Leilani Avia
  • 9 months ago

I love this poem, truly touching. It's painfully frustrating how many poems of depression ends up suddenly hopeful or slightly better, always out on a 'good' note where they end up feeling better or finding some revelation or feelings of hope and strength. Sometimes we need poems like this, where they don't always end relatively happier than before, because then it is more valuable and relatable to the many who has given up on hope, yet gives us comfort in how we feel the same and not always forced to try and find some faith. Sometimes the only thing to heal darkness is the comfort of another's darkness.

  • Isabella Wolf by Isabella Wolf
  • 5 years ago

This made me really upset. But I am more upset because of what is happening in my life right now. My depression gets worse every day, but no one seems to understand the pain I feel because no one wants to listen to me, but they will listen to other people.

  • Jaslyn by Jaslyn
  • 5 years ago

Hang on.
Life gets better.
The words are often said yet sometimes not enough.
Life gets better.
Things change.
How you feel changes.
Nighttime sadness turns into tomorrow's joy.

I have depression and I wanted to encourage anybody. Thanks for your poem. I hope you find lots of happiness.

  • Phoebe Kate by Phoebe Kate
  • 5 years ago

Every word the writer wrote really touched me. I'm actually experiencing this kind of depression. I hate when somebody tells me what to do with my life.

  • Rebekah K. by Rebekah K.
  • 6 years ago

Wow. This is exactly what I experience. I am so glad somebody wrote this. It's a great poem!

  • Priyanka by Priyanka
  • 6 years ago

I love this poem. It has a very heart touching story. I also fall into this situation sometimes, and it's so difficult to overcome the depression.

  • Kimberly K Brooks by Kimberly K Brooks, Parma, Ohio
  • 6 years ago

This poem breaks my heart and soul. I am hurting in my heart for you, but also for my own daughter. After several years of living in complete misery and isolation, my children and myself are finally free now, but we are damaged and have so much emotional baggage that we carry around each and every day. My daughter went from this beautiful, outgoing, and optimistic little girl, to a very depressed and dead all the way to the core teenager. She is so dark inside and out now. However, I am starting to get her into counseling and hopefully with any luck and prayers my baby can find her way back out from the darkness that has engulfed her. Happiness and brightness are what you guys deserve and to know that your life is worth so much more than giving up or giving in.

  • JeezyLouise by JeezyLouise
  • 7 years ago

This is such a sad but beautiful poem. You are really talented. Please don't ever try to change who you are to please others. Be yourself!

  • Divyanshi Verma by Divyanshi Verma
  • 7 years ago

This is so true. The bitter truth of the society. They will not try to understand what you are and help you. Instead, they will want you to change and become a person they like. But no. We must stop. And be ourselves!

  • Neko Cat by Neko Cat
  • 8 years ago

I feel this way all the time, and whenever I try and talk about how I feel, everyone thinks I'm exaggerating.

  • Sylvia Gray-Perry by Sylvia Gray-Perry, Chattaroy, Washington
  • 8 years ago

This is so sad. It touched my soul. It's sad that other people have to go through terrible things, and are forced to live a life where they're not appreciated. I know how it feels. Most of the time, I'm curled up in bed, in excruciating pain. Both, physical and emotionally. I'm so sorry that this had to happen. I wish I could take away other people's pain away, as well as my own.

  • Abigail Paris by Abigail Paris
  • 8 years ago

Wow. This got me! I could understand every word! Almost as if I wrote it myself!

  • Quinn C. Gravatt by Quinn C. Gravatt
  • 8 years ago

I understand this poem more then I probably should. Sometimes I feel like I'm two different people, the person my friends and family want me to be, and then I'm the person I've become because of the depression. I went through a lot as a kid and grew up too fast but now it feels like I can't reverse time or even look at myself in the mirror without asking who is looking back at me.

  • Elizabeth by Elizabeth, Singapore
  • 8 years ago

"this is me giving up... this is one last goodbye."
you made me want to cry.

I was just at the hospital yesterday. my anti-depression drugs caused urinary retention. They stuck a catheter up me.. again..... this is the second time. It hurts. beyond that, it crushed my spirit. how much more can I take. First it's depression. Now it's this, caused by my deppression drugs.

I'm sick of this disease. the sinking feeling in my chest. the twisting feelings in my chest. the incessant crying, not knowing what I'm crying about, the constant tug of war with my therapist. the drugs... and now the psychogenic- full body uncontrolled tremors, nausea, gastric, migraines, urinary retention, constipation, fatigue, lethargy, total loss of self confidence, and having to pick myself up, having to figure out how to make ends meet......I want to give up. I want to give one last goodbye. I want to die...

  • Black Blood 16 by Black Blood 16
  • 7 years ago

Don't give up Elizabeth! Keep on living for the sake of seeing each new sunrise, watching every star fill the sky with brilliance! Be the star to fill the world with your light! I know you don't know me, but for the sake of people who DO know you, please don't give up!

  • Patricia Stephmore by Patricia Stephmore
  • 8 years ago

Hey, Elizabeth..... I understand how you feel and though I am no one to ask this of you.....but please do not give up.....hold on.......good things come by.........but again I am a total stranger ...just a humble request.

  • Helen Downey by Helen Downey, North Carolina
  • 9 years ago

This touched me. I had depression too, legal drugs helped. Prayer and friends helped too. Thanks for letting me share this. Good luck.

  • Skylar by Skylar, Us
  • 9 years ago

This reminds me so much of my own life. What I go through everyday. How I feel. But you were the one that put it in words. You know what it's like to be me. You know. Exactly how it is. How hard it can be. I want to give up so bad, I know I'm not the one that needs to change, not on my own and not all alone. It's sad knowing that people do believe that we can change, when in reality we can not. We can not control these feelings not on our own. If only people weren't so blinded...

  • Kadisha Alexander by Kadisha Alexander
  • 7 years ago

People who are not in our shoes will judge us according to their beliefs. It's is a sad reality. If only these people were in our shoes they would not say the same thing. They will have a different perspective on life.

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