Halloween Poem

Spooky Halloween Poem For Children

Poem about what happens on Halloween Eve while children are asleep. This is a Halloween poem that I thought is a cute and scary way of keeping your children from eating too much candy.

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Hallows Eve


Published: December 2014

Trees die and bleed onto the earth an ocean of orange, yellow and red
Whilst you lay comfortably in your bed.
The atmosphere thins, energy levels decrease.
Souls emerge from the deceased
To snack on your children's sugary feasts.
Little Joey pumped full of Hershey Kisses, Tootsie Rolls and candy corn.
Never knowing they had been sucking the life out of him since the day he was born.
They creep up from their graves each hallows eve.
They have until sunrise before they have to leave.
They come as shadows on the wall.
Some are three inches and some are six foot tall.
They wait until you are fast asleep.
To the foot of your bed they begin to creep.
With hallowed eyes and a hallow nose,
They bend over to smell your toes.
The aroma of your sugar hunt stirs up their deadly appetite.
They feast on you all night.
When the sun light peeks through the trees
They are back to their resting place in a breeze.


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