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When my grandmother died, my sister disowned the family, and my true love left my life; I no longer cared about my existence as a human being. I began drinking every-single day, stopped eating, and disconnected with everyone who was or tried to get close to me. After all my upheavals in life, some under the influence, I began to see life without all the distraction. Sometimes solitude is the best solution to finding out who you really are, and you're here for A PURPOSE.

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Very uplifting to see yourself in the mirror of others. I connect with your words. Thank you for posting it.

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He Alone


Published: August 2015

He comes to us asleep, when no one can tell.
He comes to us awake, he knows us so well.
He appears at our weakest, most vulnerable state.
He is always present, even when things are great.
He never forgets but always forgives.
He never assumes because he lives.
He knows us so well, our secrets and fears.
He knows our purpose and why we are here.
He will be there when you need him or whenever you call.
He will make no excuses because he knows them all.
He is your light in darkness, follow him wherever he goes.
He will make no mistakes in your direction, experience shows.
He has faith in you, so have faith in him.
He has always been there, even when life turns grim.
He can feel your despair, the weight on your shoulders.
He can rescue you from disaster, as if you had a personal army of soldiers.
So he asks...
Make no judgments on others who are here just the same.
Make time to remember that there is no one to blame.
Stay true to your path and listen to your inner voice.
Stay focused on your goals because you have a choice.
In time you will realize what this life is about.
In someone's death there comes a birth and a chance to reach out.


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  • Robert  MacDonald by Robert MacDonald
  • 5 years ago

Very uplifting to see yourself in the mirror of others. I connect with your words. Thank you for posting it.

  • Cid Porter by Cid Porter
  • 6 years ago

This was very touching and inspiring. People seldom look back on things. I know I did. Change things while you can.

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