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Son Diagnosed With Cancer

When my son was fifteen, he was diagnosed with a rare cancer. Cancer is one of those things that happens to other people, so I thought. This poem was therapeutic to create, a must to my recovery. It helped me to finally move on.

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He Is Your Child First


Published by Family Friend Poems January 2017 with permission of the Author.

She is unsure about her situation,
Her many trials and tribulations,
But she is trusting in His word.

The doctor calls; her son has cancer.
She throws her hands up; what is the answer?
She hits her knees and begins to pray.

She is scared and so full of sorrow,
Afraid of what her son will see tomorrow.
His mercy is all she needs.

He is innocent and has just begun his life,
Way too young to experience this strife.
A miracle is what he deserves.

Why must he so endure such pain?
For her sins he is not to blame.
Please God, pardon my son.

He is your child first, she cries; it can't be over.
She holds him tight; he leans on her shoulder.
God, bestow your blessings once again.

Her son comforts her and he is peaceful.
He worries not, for he is graceful,
For God has touched his heart.

The hardest time for her to have faith
Is in the journey she must wait.
Lord, give her a sign.

As time goes on, the treatment gets tougher.
She cannot bear to see him suffer.
Please Jesus, take away the pain.

Her son's cancer continues to diminish.
She is weak, tired, and ready to be finished.
Thank you for this precious gift.

Her son is cured of his cancer.
She knew in Him she would find the answer.
She hits her knees and begins to pray.


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