Love Poem about Marriage

Love Getting Stronger With Time

This poem is about how the wife feels toward her husband after 7 years of being married. Oftentimes, some couples would complain and say, "You have changed." Yes indeed, excitement and all will fade after a few years of being married; after all, it's human nature. But if love is meant to last, it will just transform into a more steady, mature, giving, and lifelong feeling of true love...

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How Do I Choose To Love You?


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2017 with permission of the Author.

Love as I see it...

Is like waters in the lake
So placid, yet so deep
A serene sight,
So comforting...

Is like the wind
In the silence of the darkest night
Can be strongly felt
It is there...

Has no peaks nor lows
Has a steady beat
A strong rooting ground,
Not shaking...

Has a few roads to choose
Some were rocky and young
Some were new and not taken; I have plunged
Into the unknown...

Seven moons and suns have passed.

Yes, this is how I chose to...and still,

I have chosen you!


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