Poem about Spirituality

Poem About My Beliefs In This Life

During a time of spiritual enlightenment, I decided to write this poem, which conveyed the mixed emotions I was experiencing.

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I can relate to this, especially that last line. Beautiful poem.

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I Believe

© more by Valerie Steblein

Published by Family Friend Poems November 2015 with permission of the Author.

I believe in a child's laughter
and in happily ever after.

I believe in hugs and kisses
and making wishes.

I believe in reaching for a star
and in loving who you are.

I believe in emotional feelings
and in spiritual healing.

I believe in "let go and let God."
He knows the plan, no matter how odd.

I believe that a forgiving heart
will never break apart.

I believe in leading the way,
taking along all those who stray.

I believe in sharing treasures
gives back so many pleasures.

I believe in prayer
even when life doesn't seem fair...


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I can relate to this, especially that last line. Beautiful poem.

I believe that prayer is the strongest connection to God, faith and believing. What else do we have? I loved this poem. It touched me. You did a good job.
Jac Judy A. Campbell

  • Serena Goldsmith by Serena Goldsmith
  • 8 years ago

I didn't have anybody to turn to but then I found God. Now I am leading a better life.

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