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Poem To Better Understand Myself

My poem was written as a counselling exercise as a means of understanding myself better. I hope that it will help inspire others to think about who they are on an emotional level and how they might develop themselves.

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Look At My Soul


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2015 with permission of the Author.

Look at my soul, what do you see?
A diverse human spirit hiding in me.
Protective barriers and walls I build.
Whilst living behind them, a life unfulfilled.

I'll take time with you for some secrets to share:
that I can love and hate, and anger and care.
I'm joy and sadness, and calm and remorse,
for I feel the same as other humans, of course.
Yet how much remains hidden you'll never know,
for I'll only project what I want to show.

There's war in the world that I truly abhor.
It seems that few can be trusted anymore.
Surrounded by death and poverty and strife,
it's no wonder that I often reflect upon life.
With my values and beliefs badly overturned,
I take some time to explore what I've learned.

I'm alone in this world, yet part of another -
a sister, a wife, a daughter, a mother.
I cherish these bonds that remain unbroken
and those dear words of love that are often spoken.
My family's presence is beyond compare,
and when they're in need, I'll always be there.

I'm truly unique, my thoughts are all mine,
and I own my own feelings most of the time!
From the way that I am, I develop and grow,
exploring my soul so that more I shall know.
So look at my soul, what do you see?
There's a diverse human spirit shining in me.


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