Passionate Love Poem

The Passion Of Falling In Love

I'm an artist, musician, and have traveled to, through, and lived in many places in the US. I've learned many things about love, relationships, and life, "mostly the hard way." This poem is to a very special woman I've been seeing who has been a good friend and more. We have a very deep and rare connection together, and I wanted to take it slow to show her how much she means to me...also to earn her trust and to show that I care for her but am now ready to be more intimate.

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Into The Flames


Published: September 2016

The crisp air
Pushes hearts

Into the heated air
Under sheets of cream

The reasons why not to
Drift away with every

Far from the
Reasons that have
Burned away

If there was everything
To lose

If there was nothing to gain

Ready to fall...fall once more
Into the flames...


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