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I like to express myself through writing. Sometimes I have a problem with communication. Growing up I've had a few put down's and rough spots having a learning disorder growing up, being shy, and also the bad relationship my parents had.
I've homeschooled, and adjusted better into mainstream schooling in highschool rather than Primary School. I try to remain optimistic and realistic. And I wrote this poem to say that you might not understand all my feelings, but if I tell you- that's what I feel, and you should accept that.

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It's My Heart

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Published: June 2010

My heart sinks, then it rises
It's full of surprises
It hides many things
It's my heart

My heart's deep as an ocean
It's full of emotion
You can't see it all
It's my heart

You can't tell me what's wrong
You can't tell me what's right
You can't even say if it's black or it's white
It's my heart

I feel joy, I feel pain, I feel loss, I feel gain
You don't know it all. It's my heart.

If I say it, I mean it, so don't you demean it.
If I say it, it's true
It's my heart



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