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The United States Of America

The United States Of America was founded on beliefs that God is almighty, the family is important, and that we can't have too much government control. People don't usually think this way anymore though. We need to take a stand to change this.

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Our Outrageous Day


Published: August 2011

What do you think Washington would say,
If he saw the way our country operates?
No Bibles allowed in schools,
Everyone calling Christians fools,
Hatred toward the founding beliefs,
officials lying to keep their seats.

Everything done today,
Would be outrageous in his day.
We are fine with drinking and drugs,
Because our country is run by thugs.
We want to take the rights of the parent,
To somehow protect the children?

We need to take a stand,
To stop sin in this Christian founded land.
All of Our forefather's broken laws,
Are a good enough cause,
To rebel against the coming evil,
Which can be stopped at will.
We just need to take a stand.



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