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With the turmoil that the world is in today, you always hear of the misunderstandings that are often the cause. I can't help but wonder what the world would be like if all people followed Christian principles. I read once that there were 231 different religions, each one thinking theirs was the right one. It has been that way for centuries, and I fear for the future. Sometimes I'm glad I'm 98.

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Just Between You And Me, Lord


Published: March 23, 2019

Just between you and me, Lord, I'd like to say
It's not always easy to follow Your way.
I understand what you mean by the Golden Rule--
To create a good life, there is no better tool.

Still, what if you've been taught to look down on others?
Do we want to believe that we are all sisters and brothers?
It's hard not to resent the neighbor next door
Who does so little work, yet has so much more.

There are so many tragedies that happen worldwide.
It brings much unhappiness - that can't be denied.
I sit here complaining when I know it is true
That all of those troubles were not caused by you.

Yes, it just seems to me, if I remember it right,
You did give instructions that could shed lots of light
On the way life could be if Your rules were obeyed.
What a wonderful world it could be if all prayed.

I'm glad of the chance to discuss this with You.
I'll try not to forget what I know I should do.
You gave me free will, so it's now plain to see
I will need Your help often, just between You and me.

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