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Poem About Selfless Love

After encountering the Holy Spirit at Sabbath day service, I was moved by the words of my wife when she said that God is the only King to build His Kingdom on His own blood rather than the method used by most kings who have ever built kingdoms upon the blood of the conquered.

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Published by Family Friend Poems July 2016 with permission of the Author.

Of all the kingdoms ever told,
Of all the kings since days of old,

Of all the battles ever fought,
The souls of men that were ever bought,

Of righteous kings just and true,
There is only one that died for you.

All kingdoms built on blood and bone,
Heaven's kingdom on His blood alone.

By the blood of others, men gather and hoard,
The blood shed for me was shed by my Lord.

No treasure on earth could ever replace
The reward that I'll reap when I see His face.

So let them build kingdoms on the blood of others,
Forsaking the love of friends and brothers.

When God returns to reign on this earth,
I'll receive in fullness the gift of new birth.

To temptation and sin I'll no longer be prone,
In the kingdom built on His blood alone.


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