Religious Poem

Poem About The Journey Of Faith

I wrote this poem to my son Steven and his wife to help them understand the direction to everlasting life and to follow God's Word.

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The Road To Life


Published by Family Friend Poems September 2016 with permission of the Author.

The small road I point to will lead you to life.
The journey looks harder; it seems to have strife.
The large road is wider, looks easy, I know;
Many do go there, where death takes its toll.

Look where I'm pointing, it leads to the way,
Toward life everlasting, with Jesus to stay.
Remain on the small road, both you and your mate.
While on this great journey you'll come to a gate.

A small gate you'll find; on the small road it lies.
You'll find it holds treasures that will be your prize.
As you approach it, great joy you will learn.
For others to find it, entice them to turn.

Once you have found it, rejoice and be glad;
It leads to the greatest reward to be had.
Some hindrances it offers, some early some late.
The challenge is yours, your reward will be great.

Enter at that point, don't wait for tomorrow.
To miss it would lead you to trouble and sorrow.
At first it seems harder, and many won't go.
If you will ask Him for aid, He will help you, I know.

The road seems to end there, at a small narrow path.
Follow it closely; it will save you from wrath.
At the end of the path you'll discover a door.
Knock, it will open for you to explore.

God's Word you'll discover, accept as a child.
It beckons and comforts, with mercy so mild.
Those who oppose Him and hold up their guard,
The same Word's repulsive, exposing, and hard.

Seems never enough, as a cool drink at thirst.
To have all at once may cause you to burst.
To prevent this occurrence, He serves drink with measure,
Reviving you slowly to health and great pleasure.

He sends forth his Spirit, adding light and to heal.
So none will be wasted, He adds His own seal.
You can walk with assurance; watch the darkness depart.
The light you receive will shine forth from your heart.

Soon you will enter, the Groom will arrive.
He'll open the door and receive you with pride.
What a glorious time it will be for us all
Who answer the draw of His beckoning call.

To enter His kingdom will be a delight.
The view of its splendor is such a great sight.
Now His sweet children, bought at great cost,
His greatest desire is for none to be lost.

Soon those who opposed Him discover their plight.
Their eyes become open, their tongues they will bite.
Why didn't we listen? those crowds will soon cry.
We could have received Him, why didn't we try?

Please open the door, help us now to come in.
Who are you? will come the response from within.
We are your children, all one in the same.
Those who helped others by using your name.

Depart from me always, proclaims the voice from within.
I never did know you, you're covered with sin.
None can come in here, save only the few
Whom allowed me to wash them and dress them anew.


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