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Learning To Let Go

© more by Liz Newman

Published: December 9, 2021

Letting go doesn’t
always look how you think it will.
Sometimes it happens all at once.
Sometimes it’s in phases.
Oftentimes it requires a few tries
and heartfelt goodbyes.
Even when it’s good for you,
letting go is hard on a heart.
But like the changing seasons,
we will learn to change too.
In time, in time,
In time…


Liz Newman is a poet and a blogger who writes primarily on faith, love, and relationships. She seeks to send a message of hope and encouragement to her readers. She knows the power of connection goes a long way and that words are a common thread that brings us together. She loves a good story and enjoys spending time with her family and fur babies.

Liz's latest book, I Look To The Mourning Sky: A Book of Poems and Writing Prompts for the Grieving Heart, was recently published.


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