Compassion Poem

Accepting Differences

I wrote this poem after recent events in the UK.

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Accepting One Another

Mary V. Botten © more by Mary V. Botten

Published: November 4, 2021

We are not the same,
Not in creed, in colour or name.
Yet together we inhabit this earth,
We should value each other's worth.
Understanding we won't always agree,
For you are you and I am me.
Show no prejudice, exhibit no hate,
No animosity, no arguing, only debate.
Different opinions, different ideas,
A tapestry of people with a range of hopes and fears.
In essence we are one,
Sharing the same earth, moon and sun.
We share a common ground,
Laughter, tears, feelings profound.
Yet we won't always agree,
For you are you and I am me.

Interview with Top Poet Mary V. Botten

  • What inspired you to write this poem?
    The tragic senseless murder of the Member of Parliament Sir David Amess in November 2021. It also reminded me of the tragic murder of the MP Jo Cox in 2016. I ask myself why? What incites someone to take another’s life? Is it differences of political opinion, beliefs, race, religion? It’s inconceivable to hate just because we don’t agree.
  • Your poem reminds us of the beauty of our uniqueness. What is one thing you love about yourself?
    That I am me. I am quite happy with who I am, happy with the person within.
  • What do you like most about writing poetry?
    It sets me free, enabling me to put my thoughts and feelings on paper. It helps release emotions, a healing process.
  • What is your favorite experience that has resulted from being published on Family Friend Poems?
    The fact that you published one of my poems, then three more. I write just for me, for therapy, not imagining anyone would be interested. I am also enjoying reading other people’s poetry and appreciating the amazing talent of some writers.

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