Broken Friendship Poem

I had thought of this poem because my supposed best friend sided with people who were telling lies about me and calling my really inappropriate names. All because they didn't like me with some guy. She told me everything was on me when she sat right next to me and saw I was not doing what people were saying. She was there through everything and she still sided with the people saying stuff. Least to say she and I are still not friends.

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I study at an all-girls school. I was put beside this girl who eventually became class president. We became close, and I thought that we were best friends. She didn't think of me that way,...

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Liar, Liar


Published by Family Friend Poems September 2012 with permission of the author.

We were best friends, or so I had thought,
But why, I've seemed to forgot.
I gave you trust and friendship,
And in return you ruined our relationship.

I know I messed up and made my mistakes,
And one major one was not knowing my friends were such big fakes.
You think you've got it bad,
Well honey you don't know what you had.

You say everything's my fault,
Look in a mirror, girl, and see your own ugliness,
And see how, without you, I am in pure happiness.
Take a look at your own happiness and see how it's declining.

You blame me for what people say,
But I can't keep the truth at bay.
You're hated, despised,
And about to meet your own demise.

That disgusting smile you wear,
Would make your own mother's heart tear.
You're hateful and disgusting and waiting to betray someone,
Now you're by yourself on that lonely run.

Even female dogs are more loyal than you,
And I hope your black ice cold heart breaks in two.
I always thought you beautiful, because I had thought you different,
But you proved me wrong.

Right or wrong,
You're going to go to where you truly belong.
I hope you think before you open your lying mouth.


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  • Gigi by Gigi
  • 5 years ago

I study at an all-girls school. I was put beside this girl who eventually became class president. We became close, and I thought that we were best friends. She didn't think of me that way, and I'll admit this was the possessive-attachment stage. But she did neglect me for her other more "popular" and plastic friends. The next year, we were classmates again, and she found out. Then the worst happened-- she blamed everything on me! In the end, her friends (some of which were my friends too) saw me as the worse person in the conflict. They didn't talk to me anymore. She spread rumors about how I was mean, rude and annoying, and somehow brainwashed several of my own friends to think so.

  • Jasmine by Jasmine
  • 7 years ago

One of my "best friends" has been in my class for 3 years in a row now. We have only become friends this year. She often has fights with her other "popular friends" and comes running back to me. These fights are over the slightest things and they cause so much drama. They become really nasty to each other and are always crying about it. She expects me to back her up so I do because she is my friend and that's what true friends do. The fights only last a couple days and they are friends again even though she keeps on going on about how she is never going to be her friend again. Once they are friends she ignores me completely. She is so two-faced and is a filthy liar. She goes on about how she doesn't care about popularity because she doesn't know what not being popular is. I know she doesn't like hanging out with me because I am a "nerd" and she hangs out with popular kids. When she is with me alone she says nasty things about them and how I am a true friend but with them she talks me down.

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