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Life's A Fleeting Moment

Like the natural seasons, in life we have our spring, summer, autumn, then our winter years. So before our winter years arrive, we should explore all of life's wonders and mysteries. Our presence is brief; one day we'll be forgotten in history.

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John P. Read © more by John P. Read

Published: May 2019

Your springtime has gone.
Your summers have passed.
Autumn's now waving goodbye.

Now winter's cold breath
Breathes down your neck
As the seasons fade and die.

When you awake each day,
Never wish it away.
Life's too short as it is.

I know the sun doesn't shine
All of the time.
Yet still every day is a gift.

For none of us know
When a cruel wind may blow,
For life has no guarantees.

So thank God every day.
Live, love, and play,
Making unforgettable memories.


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