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Relationship Acrostic Poem

My acrostic poem is about the relationship we all have with one another that we've forgotten about. At our core, we are love. We are connected on a subconscious level that expresses during times of tragedy. We feel the connection to one another when times get tough. It is a good thing our hearts never forget. There is great potential in uniting as one. That would be a day full of magic, where all people would be happy and free.

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Remember Humanity


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2019 with permission of the author.

                                            "I"n this moment, my heart is open.
                                            "N"ever before have I felt such powerful emotion.
                                     It is "N"ow that I realize the true meaning of living.
It is for being loved, loving, "A"nd also forgiving.
                                            "T"hough we make mistakes and may hurt one another
     When it matters most, w"E" always come together.

Each breath is precious because it is a sign of "L"ove.
                              All life has meaning, as it c"O"mes from above.
                                                 Our hearts are "V"ersed in remembrance that we are all one.
     Our beliefs and grudges only delay a wond"E"rful world of peace, happiness, and fun.


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