Boyfriend Poem

Expressing Feelings Of Love

This is a story about trying to get someone to listen to what you're trying to say through the feelings you're expressing.

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Published: September 2016

Listen to the sound of my heartbeat as we're young;
we've barely begun.

Listen as I breathe slowly;
don't let me go.

Listen to the words I say;
please just stay.

We were meant to love
in some form, shape, or way.

Listen to all the ways
I could love you.

Listen to my voice
as you fall asleep in my arms.

You're my new light;
it feels right.

By moonlight kisses
you will be revived.

Our love is full of emotion,
deeper than an ocean.

Listen to the words I say
as I don't throw them away...

Each holds a meaning
deeper than it seems.

Just take it slow as we dance
through the night.

I come undone
when your gaze sets upon me.



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