Mental Illness Poem

I lived with depression and OCD for a few years, and during that time I was suicidal. Now I'm free from it. It still lives in me, but it's not in control of me. I thought I'd write a poem for people to understand just a little bit of how OCD works on the mind.

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Living With OCD


Published: June 9, 2018

O.C.D., those evil eyes that stare at me,
That bully in my head,
Obsession, obsession, obsession,
Is all that can be said.

I try to block, and I try to fight.
All hours I wish me dead.
The only peace I find throughout the night
Is when I'm in my bed.

Asleep, no oppression,
But when I wake, all I get is...
Obsession, obsession, obsession.



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