Falling in Love Poem

Falling For Someone Who Is Different From You

Falling in love with someone who is the complete opposite of you just might be better than you would have imagined.

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DAusha Rabon ©

Published by Family Friend Poems November 21, 2023 with permission of the Author.

Opposites attract and that's why we're the perfect match, right?
One negative, and one positive.
Magnetic attraction, fulfilling each other's satisfaction.
You negative and me positive.
Assuming that's what led you to my sacred space, that negativity needed some positive to get out of that sunken place.
Scientifically speaking no one knows the magnetic field mystery. So it only makes sense that we stick together and make history.
You know two of the same magnets just push each other apart. Negative and a negative no fun there just two of the same fighting against air.
And a positive and a positive just doesn't sound right, those two there will always put up a fight. Magnetic attraction, coming together to fix the fraction of what you caused with your negative reaction.
Opposites attract and that's why we're a perfect match, right?
Nothing to do with science but just like a good drink you always mix sour with a hint of something sweet.


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