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An Eccentric Teacher

This rhyming poem was not based on anyone I know. Poetry just "pops" into my head and I have to write it. My poetry generally has a funny/weird slant to it, and I just love to write it.

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Published by Family Friend Poems July 2020 with permission of the Author.

Milly-Rose has a long hairy nose
that would consistently wiggle and twitch.
The kids would giggle every time it wiggled
and believed she was a silly old witch.

Milly-Rose is a teacher, and her very best feature
is the hair upon her head.
Since a wee girly, her hair grew curly
and was a bright flaming colour of red.

Milly-Rose wore dresses to match her tresses
with spots or sparkles that glowed.
She had matching shoes in various hues,
and her long skinny legs were bowed.

Now, poor ol' Milly-Rose, with her long hairy nose,
didn't think that she looked weird.
All day long she would sing a happy song
and was proud of her red curly beard.

Then one day Milly-Rose got sick
and stayed home in her warm fluffy bed.
The school was quiet without the red riot,
and this is what the children said.

"We love you, Milly-Rose, with your long hairy nose.
Please come back to school.
We promise not to giggle when your nose starts to wiggle,
and your red curly beard is COOL."


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