Relationship Poem

Ending Of A Love

My now ex-wife and I recently divorced, and I wrote this poem for her before she decided she wanted a divorce. I worked on this while I was unable to sleep and used the pain I was feeling and put it on paper. Kept revising it, and this is the most recent revision.

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Moon That Moves My Tides

Gage M. Webb ©

Published by Family Friend Poems February 2021 with permission of the Author.

Better today than I was before,
in this moment with the one whom I adore.
Take the fall, take the risk.
Maybe end up twisted, tangled, worn out, missed.
For the things that we go through behind closed doors,
make me crave you, wanting more.   
But in the end it will be just you and I,
as the moon rolls in and brings the tides,
as the sun dances about the sky,
radiant of warmth, beauty, and light.
The cold moon chases the sun,
hoping to catch a glimpse of its beautiful light,
but is forever condemned to dark of night,
giving meaning to the passage of time.
Each giving their best til each day is done,
the moon will never stop craving the warmth of the sun.

Everlasting til death do us part,
For you are the one whom I have devoted my heart.
For I am the moon that moves your tides,
and you will always be the sun that dances across my skies.
Though you may not see me, I am always there,
I cannot deny that I still care.


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