Birthday Poem

Birthday Wishes From Younger Sister

I wrote this poem for my sister's eighteenth. I felt the need to express how I feel about the relationships we have shared over time. Like most sisters we've fought a lot, had regular disagreements, but we've always overcame them.
You can pick and choose your friends, but not your family.
I wanted to show her that no matter what has happened in the past, I will always look up to her.
She's amazing.

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My Beautiful Sister


Published by Family Friend Poems November 2010

My big sister.
Eighteen already,
I remember times when she could only sleep with a teddy.
It doesn't seem real,
I wonder how she feels.

Is she happy, is she sad.
Things that she's done, have they made her mad?
Does she regret things in the past?
Does she think she's grown up to fast?

If I was her, I'd have not one regret,
She's an amazing person, people couldn't forget.
We're all very proud, especially with what she's done.
Coping with her education as well as having fun.

We're also proud of what she has achieved.
We always knew she would succeed.
She's an amazing person; for that I guarantee
She's the person she wants to be.

Growing up was hard we fought for so long
Now I'm proud to say our bond is fairly strong.
We wasted so much time, when we could have spent it together,
But it can't be changed we're sisters forever

Friendship and loyalty is the key,
It's something we retain
Something over years, I've managed to gain

I look up to her, if only she knew
But she's stupid she doesn't have a clue
I need her- she guides me the right way
I've never thanked her; I didn't know what to say.

We've shared secrets, many Mums won't find out,
Because you're my sister I have no doubt.
So whether we are together or we are far apart.
Jade you're my sister, my best friend and forever in my heart.

happy birthday.


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