Spiritual Poem about Death

On July 25, 2005 at 4:29 pm, I had a near fatal motorbike accident. My poem is of my experience just after that accident, I was clinically dead for two minutes....Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if your die today!

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My Experience Of Death


Published: February 2010

I lay here alone,
on cold concrete and stone,
my body broken and weak,
in recognition of my impending defeat.

Only pain and fear I feel now,
as I am slipping away,
how much I desire,
to see the sun rise the next day.

I no longer fear,
my journey ahead,
for it will not be long
and I shall be dead.

For I am at peace
and accept my fate,
help has arrived,
but I fear it's too late.

Taking my last breath,
as I look upon the clouds,
my eyes feel heavy
and I'm hearing muffled sounds.

I am moments from death,
and all I can feel,
is my beating heart,
starting to fail.

All is silent now,
for I am gone,
off on my new journey,
to find my new home......


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